Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

A rite of passage. The symbol of a profession.
Washington University welcomes the Entering Class of 2015.

White Coat Ceremony 2015

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The journey from student to physician begins here, with a new white coat and a student-written oath of integrity. Click below to share well wishes with a doctor-to-be.

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Entering Class of 2015

The journey begins.

Student Oath

Written by the entering class of 2015

As I begin the study of medicine at Washington University, I humbly commit myself to the responsibilities and privileges of the medical profession.

I pledge that my patient will always be my foremost consideration as I promote health through education, prevention, and treatment. I acknowledge my debt to patients, from whom I will learn. I will endeavor to be worthy of their trust through competence, compassion, and honesty. I will respect each patient’s unique identity and the role it plays in their care, empowering them to make informed choices that coincide with their values and beliefs.

I will advocate, as a servant to society, for increased accessibility and quality of health care for my community, both local and global.

I dedicate myself to a lifetime of learning, practicing, and advancing the art and science of medicine. I will approach my profession with integrity and humility and will foster a collaborative, respectful healthcare environment.

I pledge to care for myself so that I may best care for others. I will act within my capabilities, recognize my limitations, and pursue excellence as a physician. I will always be grateful to those who have supported and will assist me on my journey.

May this class hold fast to the ideals and passion with which we take this pledge.

This oath I make freely and upon my honor.

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Prior to the ceremony, many students wrote statements reflecting on what it means to wear a white coat. The future MDs received their coats and took the oath on August 14 at the Eric P. Newman Education Center. Read more in the Record »
What is a White Coat Ceremony?
About the Tradition

Who is the 2015 incoming MD class?

123 new students
61 women, 62 men 
19 enrolling in the
MD/PhD Program

Where are they from?

59 colleges
and universities
33 U.S. states
8 different

MD Orientation

A fun and fulfilling experience, this orientation gives incoming students a chance to get to know their new school, the St. Louis community, and each other. LEARN MORE

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