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A rite of passage. The symbol of a profession.
Washington University welcomes the Entering Class of 2014.

White Coat Ceremony 2014

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The journey from student to physician begins here, with a new white coat and a student-written oath of integrity. Click below to share well wishes with a doctor-to-be.

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Entering Class of 2014

The journey begins.

Student Oath

Written by the incoming class of 2014; pledged August 15, 2014.

With this oath, I humbly commit myself to the responsibilities and privileges of a physician in training and to the obligations of the medical profession.

I pledge that my patient will always be my foremost consideration. I am grateful to my patients who will serve as my teachers. I will endeavor to be worthy of their trust through competence, compassion, and honesty. I will strive to empathize with my patients and will honor their unique identities and circumstances. I will safeguard their confidences, respect their autonomy, and serve as their advocate. I will educate and empower them to be guardians of their own well-being.

I commit to be held accountable as a servant to society. I will strive to earn the trust of my community, both local and global. I will work to increase the accessibility and quality of health care for all.

I dedicate myself to a lifetime of learning, teaching, applying, and advancing the art and science of medicine. I will approach my profession with integrity and humility, and will foster a collaborative environment respectful of my colleagues.

I pledge to care for myself so that I may best care for others. I will act within my capabilities, recognize my limitations, and pursue excellence as a physician.

May I hold fast to the enthusiasm and optimism with which I take this pledge.

This oath I make freely and upon my honor.

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What is a White Coat Ceremony?
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Who is the 2014 incoming MD class?

123 new students
23 enrolling in the
MD/PhD Program

Where are they from?

70 colleges
and universities
33 U.S. states
7 different

MD Orientation

A fun and fulfilling experience, this orientation gives incoming students a chance to get to know their new school, the St. Louis community, and each other. LEARN MORE

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